Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know when Villa Mouria is available for holiday rentals?

What's the price of Villa Mouria for holiday rentals?

Prices depend on season. In some situations, a discount may apply. For an example of the prices on one of the regular booking sites, have a look at

Interested to book Villa Mouria for the best price available? Book directly with the owners! For starters, just fill out our contact form or send us an email at!

What about the check-in and check-out times?

Default check-in time is 15:00 - 20:00, default check-out time is 08:00 - 10:00. Whenever possible, we facilitate early check-in and late check-out, at no additional cost, but obviously this is not always possible.

Do I have to clean Villa Mouria myself?

No, we take care of cleaning and changing of bed linen and towels, once every 4-5 days.  

Is smoking allowed?

No, Villa Mouria is a non-smoking area.

Does the villa have air conditioning?

Yes, we have air conditioning units in the living room and in each sleeping room. Thanks to 20 solar panels, our  carbon footprint is modest.

Is the pool safe for children that cannot swim?

No, children cannot stand in the pool and the pool is not fenced off. Please be very, very careful with small children in the pool area!

Can you provide a baby bed?

Yes we can, free of charge. Please indicate this well in advance.

Should we bring our own towels?

We provide different size towels for use at Villa Mouria. We kindly ask you not to take these towels to the beach. For beach visits, you might bring (or buy locally) something like hammam towels. 

What type of coffee machine is available at Villa Mouria?

In the kitchen of Villa Mouria, you will find both a standard filter coffee machine, and a simple espresso machine. In both, standard ground coffee works fine. 

Where do we go for shopping?

You will find a reasonably stocked supermarket at 2 min walking from Villa Mouria. This supermarket opened in 2023, we hope the owners will do well. It is great fun to buy bread, fruits, vegetables and catch-of-the-day fish from the back of the car of passing local merchants. You will find several well stocked supermarkets as well as specialty shops in Palairos (5 km from Pogonia). Good to know: supermarkets in Palairos are happy to deliver to Villa Mouria, just ask at the shop. 

Can you arrange transport from Aktion Airport (Preveza) to Pogonia?

Yes, we can arrange a taxi that will be waiting for you when you arrive. You might also rent a car at the airport (airport rates are reasonable at most times).

Is it really necessary to arrange a car during our stay?

You will definitely need some form of transport; if you are sure you will not go far, then rental bikes or rental scooters (available in nearby Palairos) might do, but a rental car is the obvious choice.

Can I bring my pets?

Pets are not allowed in Villa Mouria.

What is the weather like in Pogonia?

In May - September, it rarely rains and it is very sunny, with high temperatures and a really warm sea in July and August. The owners also like the weather a lot in March - April and in October - November ... in these periods, it may rain occasionally but the temperature is better for high-intensity activities and the sea is more refreshing!

Help my question is not listed!?

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