Once again, it is the early morning sun peeping into the master bedroom that wakes you up, and after opening your eyes you take in the magnificent view of the Ionian Sea and the mainland mountains. 

You decide to take the 40 minutes early morning walk to the seaside chapel devoted to Iannis. A few steep climbs along the way, but never mind. At the highest point of the gravel road, the views are even nicer than from Villa Mouria! Along the road you pick some blackberries, and cannot resist to eat them all. Halfway you realise you forgot to bring your swimwear … never mind, you will probably be the only one at Iannis beach. 

After a refreshing swim you dry up on the pebble beach in the sun and walk back, escorted part of the way by a herd of sheep. Your partner has prepared your favourite breakfast, great! After breakfast, you use the outdoor shower to get rid of the salt on your skin, and enjoy the morning sun on one of the lounge beds for an hour. 

You take your rental bikes and ride to the archeological site called “Ancient Palairos”, a very interesting site where you wander around for an hour or so. 

Afterwards, you bike on to Palairos itself, where you rent a small but fast motorboat for the afternoon. After a stop at a small beach that you have all to yourself, you continue to Taverna Varka, the family restaurant on the north side of Kalamos island, for an early dinner; after all, you want to get back to Palairos before dark. Your expensive dream comes true, they have fresh lobster today. 

When you return the boat, it is still very warm, and you have a cocktail or two at one of the beach bars between Palairos and Pogonia. After a moonlit swim, you have a short bike ride back to Villa Mouria. Time for another lazy day tomorrow?